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Bike Rental
Organizers can help you in organizing bike rental from Fumić company. Organizers are responsible for all details in organization of delivery and pick up of bikes by Fumić company.
Bicycles to rent –  (we recommend to look for a good MTB or trekking bike because of the rough terrain). Rental prices: 12-13 EUR per day + bike pick up service in Rijeka (total price of bike pick up in Rijeka is 500 – 600kn and it will be equally divided according to the number of bikes)
We invite participants to indicate bike rental in registration form, together with information of their height. Bike pick up, payment and testing will be organized early in the morning of Day 1. Participants that wish to rent a bike will get more information directly from the Fumić company using code: Cycling for Libraries Croatia 2020 on their website. You can contact us for more information via e-mail:

Important information
It is necessary to have:

  • FUNCTIONAL bike (MTB or trekking bike, not a city bike). We suggest to service your bike before going for such a long ride.
  • PHYSICAL CONDITION for riding demanding routes. You should be able to ride at least 80 km.
  • IMPORTANT! The route is physically demanding, with a lot of slopes and it is necessary to be in good shape. Although we will ride mostly on asphalt and only partly on gravel road, it is necessary to wear a helmet at all times and have serviced MTB or trekking bike. You should also be concentrated at all times and know and obey rules for cycling in a group.

Recommendation for participants

Postani član

Učlanjenjem u Zagrebačko knjižničarsko društvo (ZKD) plaća se niža cijena kotizacije za sudjelovanje na stručnim skupovima u organizaciji Hrvatskog knjižničarskog društva (HKD). Svaki član ima mogućnost objavljivati radove i uređivati publikacije HKD te raditi u stručnim tijelima i u samom Društvu što je jedan od uvjeta za napredovanje u više zvanje. Također, članovi ZKD-a imaju pravo na besplatan upis u Knjižnice grada Zagreba.

Postani član Zagrebačkog knjižničarskog društva.

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